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Igor Pejic is an experienced and captivating speaker. His keynote addresses and presentations cover a range of topics including technological trends, corporate strategy, blockchain, innovation, banking, and payments. He has presented in English, German, and Croatian. For speaking engagements, please fill out the contact form.

Not sure yet? Check out below what event organizers say about Igor's presentations, a sample video of him presenting, and browse through some of his common keynote titles and abstracts. Besides those, Igor also creates custom-made presentations for specific events.


What event hosts and listeners say 

"Fascinating talk about blockchain by genius Igor Pejic speaking at the ChannelSec!"
Phylip Morgan, MD Continuum EMEA

“Igor's keynote was a great opener for the Payment Festival 2019! It got everyone thinking about payments and innovation and set the perfect stage for the day.”

Gerald Gruber, Head of Business Development at bunq

"Igor has spoken at several of our European events and has always been well received as a knowledgeable and articulate presenter. On the subject of blockchain he managed to convey a difficult subject to an interested audience who were given an excellent grounding on which to base their business strategies. I have read his book, which I found useful and fascinating, and know that others at our events have also found it a great way to be introduced to the topic. I expect to see him on the speaking circuit on this subject for many years as he maintains a strong understanding of a fast-moving subject and look forward to seeing him present again."

John Garrat, Editor IT Europa

"Igor Pejic delivered a very engaging keynote on key concepts of blockchain - looking forward to reading his new book 'Blockchain Babel'."
Chris Goodwill, Commercial Officer Nexus Open Systems

"Igor Pejic on behalf of PF 19 GmbH and the participants I interviewed in my feedback rounds, all spoke very positively about your freely held keynote with no powerpoints about payments changed. We appreciate the effort you took to prepare! It was highly appreciated by the audience and us as hosts."
Martin Sprengseis, Managing Partner bluesource and Co-Founder Payment Festival

Frequent titles of Igor's keynotes 

Trust Machine: How blockchain will transform the economy and how to harness it for your business
The technology behind cryptocurrencies is truly game-changing, not just for money transactions. From energy production to human identities – algorithmic trust is set to unleash large-scale disruption unseen since the rise of the internet. But what does it mean for your business? Attend the keynote for answers:

  • Introduction to crypto-currencies, blockchain, DLT, and smart contracts
  • The dawn of a new techno-economic paradigm, enabled by pervasive and cheap “trust” becoming the new key resource
  • Direct and indirect ways it will impact your business
  • A step-by-step guide on when a blockchain makes sense for your company and which basic type of setup to use

Tech titans’ foray into the banking world
Finance is the world’s largest industry and thus the ultimate target for Silicon Valley’s giants. Google is teaming up with Citibank, Apple with Goldman Sachs. Facebook has announced the launch of Libra, a new digital currency threatening the US dollar. In China, the likes of Ant Financial and Tencent have long captured the payments realm. The enabler: groundbreaking technology. But can they succeed? Igor Pejic will talk about:

  • Why data giants push into finance and their odds of winning
  • Which channels are the most vulnerable and most crucial vectors of attack
  • Which tech titans pose the largest threat
  • What incumbents can do to protect their business

Understanding banking customers in the digital age
Many incumbent and challenger banks will founder in the coming years; not because they fail with new technology or the latest regulation, but because they can’t grasp the changing nature of customer demands. Hyper-connectivity, platform economics, and new lifestyles make societies rethink money. Highlights of the presentation include:

  • How 21st century technological and social dynamics shape new customer expectations
  • Clear recommendations on how to prioritize products and features
  • Which partnerships make sense, and which ones don’t
  • A guide on how to communicate about banking products, offers, and brands

Ticking time bombs in your organization – legacy systems
Legacy systems have had cataclysmic effects in the past – data breaches, explosions of space shuttles, the financial crisis of 2008. Even empires have been brought to their knees by legacy. Yet the world’s financial system still runs on infrastructure from the 1950-ies. Military secrets are kept on floppy disks. And governments sometimes still rely on paper archives. Attend this keynote if you want to find out:

  • What exactly is a legacy system
  • What are the true costs and dangers of legacy
  • When to upgrade a system and when to tear it down
  • How to combat legacy in technology, processes, people, and customers within your organization

How to pull of digital transformation

The essence of digital transformation can be summarized as “Customer First,” but most articles and presentations on the topic don’t reach past the sloganeering stage. Hardly any decision maker will deny it is necessary to employ the full potential of the digital age to put the customer at the core of everything you do, but what does this mean specifically when you are putting op your corporate hierarchy, renewing your website, writing call center scripts, or deciding on a new CRM tool? In this keynote I tackle the following questions:

  • What are the most crucial success factors in digital transformation endeavors confirmed by research

  • Key concepts such as digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation

  • Which tools to use to transform not only technology, but also corporate culture, processes, and business models, and how to understand the potential of the digital age for your company in the first place

  • How to leverage partnering and new tech to achieve parity with competitors forged in the digital age

Vital strategy lessons forgotten by finance about blockchain and DLT

As banks are wrestling to implement blockchain applications to improve back end processes, they must not lose sight of the game-changing potential of the technology. But the change might be different than what doomsayers predict. Igor Pejic, the author of Blockchain Babel and a banker himself, has analyzed various myths that can lead to fatal strategic blunders. Even if the technology’s final form has not yet materialized, management theory can be a powerful compass to predict where the market is going. In this session, Igor will share:

  • What blockchain-strategies financial institutions are pursuing
  • How the blockchain can change business models in finance and open new revenue channels
  • Which challengers are most likely to use blockchain technology to cut into banks’ profit pools and how to counter it

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